Thursday, April 02, 2009

One of Those Days

You know that expression "One of those days"? It came from days like today. Wallop needed to go back to the vet to get cleaned out so I had to drop everything I had planned today to go take him. Then I had to get home to do a 6 PM tarot reading. At the end of the reading just as I was about to take a photo to send the client via email, Wallop crawled up on my bed and laid down in the middle of the cards and fell fast asleep. His day was worse than mine.

Then the moment I got relaxed the phone rang and it was from a guy we hadn't heard from in months that wanted to come over right away to pick up his arrows. So I certainly wasn't going to say no. The house was a disaster and no way to clean it in time, so I had to just swallow my pride and let the poor guy in.
It's 9 PM and I haven't had time to eat dinner yet, so off I go.

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