Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sometimes Love Means Saying Goodbye

We had to bid adieu to our cat Rocky.  He was in declining health.  We couldn't see any outwards signs of problems. The vet said he had a tumor in his abdomen, and no matter what kind it was, there was no way to remove it that would end up with a positive outcome, so we made our farewells and stayed at his side until the very end, giving what love we could in the last moments. Here are some photos I took right before we went to the vet to see if we could save him or not. The vet was a friend of ours and made it as comforting as he could. The receptionist came in even though the office was extremely busy, and give me a long hug. So next time you have to wait a long time at the vet, please remember they might just be helping someone say goodbye to a 15 year old friend.

Rest in Peace 9/28/12