Thursday, November 13, 2014

Photo Essay: Houdini the Cat

Houdini is growing so fast. He feels just like velvet. He's putting weight on now that he gets food regularly. My boyfriend calls him Satan though.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Houdini's First Day

Yesterday we walked over to our neighbor's and picked up the cat she had left for us when she moved out of state. Somehow I thought she'd be there to make sure we all bonded, but I guess she left on Sat. and we were out of town all day Saturday. After we got him home and settled in, she called and said there was both dry food and wet food over there for him, so we went back. The dry food was there all right, but no sign of the black bag with 4 cans of wet food. I'm guessing the landlady took it, since she is taking care of the other feral cats.

Today we had to go to town and we had to leave the  kitten alone. When we got back he was nowhere to be found. So I walked back to his old house and spotted 3 younger striped cats. But no black cat. So I went home and was about to talk to my boyfriend about it, where here comes the kitten from around the container. I think he crawled into our storage area to take a cat nap. He was hungry so we fed him again.

He'd never seen a chicken before. He keeps trying to befriend them, but gets a peck on the noggin for his troubles. He's very friendly and has already figured out how to jump on my lap and knock over my soda and get his paws in the hummus.

Someone on Facebook recommended the name Houdini. I do magic and of course I've heard of Houdini, so it seemed like the perfect name. As you can see from the photo, he is velvety black. Our new Halloween kitteh. 

Chickens and a barnyard cat. Now it feels like a real farmhouse.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Cat Plans

Wallop is still hanging in there. I think his illness messes with his appetite. He is either starving or fasting. Sometimes he'll keep eating if we sprinkle Parmesan on his food. We found that out by accident when he stole a bag of Parmesan out of a shopping bag and ripped holes in it to get to the smelly treasure inside. If that fails, we just feed him chicken or turkey baby food.

We are also keeping an eye on who has kittens available in our area. I was looking forward to having a pet free house, but my boyfriend is a cat person and that is that. He would be miserable without a fur kid around.

Our neighbors lost their cat. They didn't heed our warnings to keep cats indoor because of predators, and about a week ago their cat didn't come back. About once every two weeks I see coyotes at the perimeter of our yard. I hear there are also foxes and bobcats. And I'm not sure a hawk would attack a cat, but we have a lot of those as well.