Friday, September 19, 2014

Cat Plans

Wallop is still hanging in there. I think his illness messes with his appetite. He is either starving or fasting. Sometimes he'll keep eating if we sprinkle Parmesan on his food. We found that out by accident when he stole a bag of Parmesan out of a shopping bag and ripped holes in it to get to the smelly treasure inside. If that fails, we just feed him chicken or turkey baby food.

We are also keeping an eye on who has kittens available in our area. I was looking forward to having a pet free house, but my boyfriend is a cat person and that is that. He would be miserable without a fur kid around.

Our neighbors lost their cat. They didn't heed our warnings to keep cats indoor because of predators, and about a week ago their cat didn't come back. About once every two weeks I see coyotes at the perimeter of our yard. I hear there are also foxes and bobcats. And I'm not sure a hawk would attack a cat, but we have a lot of those as well.

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