Thursday, September 22, 2005

Poor Bob

We have a stray cat named Bob that we adopted about 2 years ago.  Everyone moved out of the apt. complex for remodeling and no one took him home.  He's always had a hard time digesting food, even though the vet gave him a clean bill of health.  Well, I said to my boyfriend that maybe the cat had tooth problems, because his kibble always looks like he swallowed it whole when he throws up.  So tonight I'm playing with some yarn and the cat opens his mouth all the way a few times.  So I gently pry his mouth open to see if I can tell anything.  And I'll be darned if his lower left fang isn't broken off completely.  Anyone out there know if the vet can fix a broken tooth for less than an arm and a leg? 

You might say just feed him softer food, but our other cat is on a hard food only diet because of urinary track issues, and it's damn near impossible to keep 3 indoor cats from eating out of the same food dish. 

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